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Yeshu Entey Koodeyah!

I was in the middle of producing my second song ‘Veruthey’, which got stalled because of insufficient funds. A friend who is in charge of my church’s Vacation Bible School asked me to write a Malayalam song for the kids. I was not sure about it initially but then I remembered how kids celebrated my first song ‘Anadathodeyadym’. So I thought of writing a song only for them to dance and celebrate the love of Jesus.

After a few days, as I was in the shower (yes, creativity can hit anywhere and anytime!) the chorus came to me “Santhosham santhosham santhosham”. I immediately got out of the shower and recorded it on my phone. Later that day I tried developing the song to a simple tune and language but not like a typical old school kids music. I wrote and composed the song in a few minutes. Since my church kids are not very familiar with the Malayalam language (their playlist is usually bands like Hillsong and PlanetShakers) I asked a friend of mine to put a similar vibe of instrumentation on it. We sang it at the VBS and the kids really enjoyed it. Then I felt I should make this song available to all the Malayali kids out there. I shared this with a couple of close friends who prayed and some of whom financially partnered with this vision of a ‘new gen Mallu kids/teen song’. An other friend of mine who had a production house came forward to produce the video. I figured that’s a cool idea to do a music video with some of our kids. So we shot the video & produced the song very roughly. And that’s how it all started.

I felt the Lord was on this song and had favour in every aspect. I sent the audio to VJ Traven, a close friend of mine who really liked the song and insisted that I rework the audio production. Eventually, the audio was ready and only the video needed some post-production work but unfortunately the project got paused and I couldn’t release it before the vacation because my mom fell sick.

It was the most painful time of my life. I was so dried up mentally, emotionally and financially. I almost lost my mom to Septicemia–an uninvited evil guest. But God heard our prayers and defeated the evil one. My mom left the hospital and began to regain strength. The Lord ministered to me through this song during these season. There’s a line I wrote in this song that stood out “Yeshu Entey koodeyah” (Jesus is with me).

I still don’t know how this song happened. Now it’s not just a kids song. It’s much more than that. I literally lived and experienced each and every line and lyric of this song. Santhosham is releasing tomorrow! What a journey! from my shower room to YouTube and all the online stores out there. God is good!!

Yeshu Entey Koodeyah!